Kite and Wind

If you do not ride yet learn with our multilingustic teacher… Fun and new sensations guaranteed!! You will not regret it!!


If you already are a Kiter you are definetely hooked-in we offer you rent of complete equipment. If there is no wind we offer you other ways to enjoy the day at the beach, we have kayaks, paddlesurf boards and more…

Kite Shool: 4 hours 120€.
Windsurf Shool: 4 h 105€.
Paddlesurf Shool: 4 h 95€.
Kayaksurf Shool: 4 h 95€.

Note: Includes Teacher and full equipment.

Rent, full equipment:
- Kite 1 day: 80€
- Wind 1 day: 55€
- Paddlesurf 1 day: 35€
- Kayak 1 day: 24€

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